Chasity Glass

Chasity Glass grew up in rural Minnesota, not far from Lake Superior. You'll hear her accent on certain words like bag and home and about, though she tries not to say, "eh," too often in conversation.

Chas lived in Los Angeles for twelve years, working in film marketing and producing movie trailers for Hollywood studios. Before that she worked as a gas station attendant, a maid, a nanny, a model, a clothed hostess at a topless restaurant, a medical insurance biller, and a landscape designer. She is now a writer living in Portland, Oregon.

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I never planned on being a widow. Certainly not at age 29. Yet, when I married Anthony I knew I was going to be one. Just days before we were married, I was given a timeline. He never knew.

I never told him his doctor predicted "maybe weeks." If you asked Anthony about his prognosis, his eyes would smile before his lips curled and he would tell you life was going to be a long, happy and boring one. I couldn’t bear to tell him, he had only 'weeks.' Seeing Anthony emotionally naked and fragile in his illness, even then, I wasn’t prepared for widowhood. All I could think of was love. Infinite love. Immeasurable love. The kind of love you search for your entire life. The kind of love that never dies. The kind of love that surrounds you, fills you, completes you. The kind of love that transcends and heals and kills cancer. Widowhood meant nothing when Anthony proposed, "To have you as my wife, means everything. Will you marry me?"

When people ask me what my memoir is all about I usually tell them one word, love. But I know it’s more complicated than that. even if i am. is a conversation between my husband Anthony and me against the backdrop of his diagnosis - cancer. It is an e-memoir that includes personal emails and blog entries published just as they were written at the time about our tenderhearted, often humorous, always emotional, first and final year together.

My hope for the book is simple: to engage readers in that final year as we convey cancer with bravery and brio, recall anguish with candor, and detail our medical trek in this bare, raw narrative. This is my story of love slipped between hope, grief and faith.